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bp spain holdings news article - Argan Oil Reviews

April 29, 2013


bp spain holdings news article, Argan Oil Reviews

Argan oil is rapidly becoming a name to reckon with in the healthcare marketplace owing to its highly beneficial properties for hair, nails and skin. It has many important purposes due to which it is gaining wide acceptance in the cosmetic industry. There are many products getting launched every day that consist of this miracle oil. Skinception Argan oil is one such product that consists of purest Argan oil and offers great results for skin and hair. As it consists of 100% organic Argan oil, it can be used on a daily basis to get all the benefits that are promised by this oil. It is a type of skin conditioner and moisturizer combined into one single product.

What are the ingredients contained in Skinception Argan oil?

Although the Skinception Argan Oil is made up of 100% Argan oil, it would be better that you understand the exact ingredients contained in this oil. They are:

Tocopherols - Also commonly recognized as the natural form of vitamin E, this ingredient of Argan oil functions as an antioxidant to provide anti-ageing effects. It prevents skin deterioration by helping production of more amount of elastin and collagen, thereby improving the natural moisture content of the skin. It also helps in healing damaged skin.

Natural antioxidants – Apart from tocopherols, Argan oil has other antioxidants to benefit the users. All these antioxidants work together to help the user achieve the much-needed skin glow.

Squalene - Its function is almost similar to vitamin E, thereby making it another effective antioxidant for promotion of overall skin health. It prevents collagen and elastin breakdown in the body, thereby helping the user look younger at all times. It also helps prevention or destruction of important vitamins in the body. Furthermore, squalene also has certain anti-bacterial properties, thereby making Argan oil effective in cases of eczema and psoriasis too.

Essential fatty acids – The high concentration of fatty acids in the Argan oil improves the moisture retention ability of Skinception Argan Oil. These also function as anti-inflammatories which work effectively to heal the human skin from wounds or other types of damages. Furthermore, it facilitates oil is easier absorption into the skin, thereby making it more elastic and firmer.


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